We are trader and processor of non-ferrous metals scrap with complete processing facilities.
Since our establishment in 1925, as one of the leading trader and processor of copper-based scrap in central and north-eastern part of Japan, we have been developing our business of mainly copper-based scrap with leading smelting & refining companies, electric wire and cable manufacturers, brass and copper rolling mills, copper foil manufacturers, electric power companies, electrical appliances manufacturers and major trading companies.
Non-ferrous metals scraps including electric wire and cable scrap have already been recycled at very high rate as important substitute to energy-consuming virgin materials made from ores. Entered into the 21st Century, we acknowledge more significant environmental requirements symbolized as 3-R (Recycle, Re-use and Reduce) and try more intensive care for higher rate of recycling by perpetual improvement throughout our business. Furthermore, we continue our active contribution to basic study of wire and cable scrap recycling being done by various institute and organization.
Besides such domestic activities, we try to contribute establishment of global relation of recycling by international trading of wire and cable scrap, non-ferrous metal scrap, international toll business with transfer of processing equipment, technology and application of regular training to our overseas business partners.
To promote such globalization program:
We joined to Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) in 1997 as a gold member.

Office, plant/yard and branches:
Ichikawa, Chiba : Head office, plant and yard
Narita, Chiba : Plant and yard
Nagoya : Branch, plant and yard
Kakuta, Miyagi : Kita-Nihon Recycling Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary, plant and yard)

Our environmental management system has been approved to be in accordance with the requirement of the environmental standards, ISO 14001:1996.
Certificate No. 130920 dated 22 May 2003 was issued by Bureau Veritas Japan Co.,Ltd. System Certification Services Headquarter
Forthcoming audit/renewal was done in Feb., 2005 in accordance with new standard, ISO 14001: 2004
And 2nd audit/renewal of ISO 14001:2004 has been approved in Feb., 2009.

Business activities:

1. Import/export of non-ferrous metals scraps.
2. Purchase/sales of copper cathodes and other non-ferrous metals.
3. Stripping of electric wire/cables and production of granulated nuggets.
4. Dismantling electric appliances.
5. Recycling and transportation of waste plastics, rubber, glass and ceramics.
6. Disposal, recycling and treatment of other non-ferrous metals.

For further inquiry, please contact to head office:

3-7-35, Tajiri, Ichikawa City, Chiba, Japan 272-0014
Tel.: (81)-47-377-1211 Fax: (81)-47-377-7027

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